Single and Searching Gugulethu – I need a The real man – lovely and super – Lets date Boy Inbox me or comment below.

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Hello I am Single and Searching Lady from South Africa. Thank you for coming from Whatsapp I thank you – I don’t use Whatsapp publicly because boys just call and consider sending nonsense images and videos. Now I have suggested to make sure that we go private. I only give my number to a well vetted boy and the most trusted. I am sorry for not being on Whatsapp – I rather use SATESPACE.

Hi boys I am a Single mother who is willing to stay and be my man. I am tired of staying alone by so doing I am Single and Searching. I will prefer someone who is strong and energetic.

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First and Foremost I have been single since 2019 June after my Boyfriend died in a car accident and died. I gave him that car but he abused it all and drive while drunk. I need a best man in town and I have several promises for you.

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This is the time to consider dating with you. I have set some rules so that I make sure that I got the best out of all those fake boys. To get my Whatsapp number you should have A SATESPACE account. To sign up I have placed this button for you

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    After signing up please follow these rules as well

  1. Make sure you use the correct name and surname. Fake names are prohibited. If I found out this name is fake I will reject you.  So make sure that a real name is in place.
  2. You should upload your profile picture and cover photo. If you send me a friend request I will check the profile picture first.
  3. Your account should have 3 posts that is you should post 3 photos of you. Please take this opportunity to define what you do in life and help me choose the best.
  4. Finally please send me a message after a friend request. And wait for my reply- I may need time to reply everyone please take hid I love you I will answer you.
  5. \
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Thank you For Joining SATESPACE Please Make Sure You Post your Profile Pictures

My direct Whatsapp Number Is +27 61 633 9476

In conclusion please come back after 3 or 4 days to check if I replied you. If there are too many boys I may take a week. I need to give everyone a chance please. Your chance will be there.

If you have any question or you may have no airtime to come back next time please comment below I will help you to buy airtime.

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I love you my boy – wait for your chance

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How to get direct Whatsapp Number If you are given A link Like this.

Firstly you need to click every picture you saw on this post check. Follow the link properly and fill in all your details correctly.

If you are not satisfied please go to the park for free Wi-Fi. Sit down And Browse well.

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  1. IHi dear . I’m available to give you all my my love. I’m down to earth. . I need a soulmate to marry me

  2. IHi dear . I’m available to give you all my my love. I’m down to earth. . I need a soulmate to marry me

  3. Hello hope u having a good day. I’m Godfrey a single father of 3 boys and I’m ready to be the man u need in ur life. I will give you all the love I have in me take good care of you… All u need to do is just give me a chance to show you what I’m about.

  4. Hello beautiful, I’m single boy looking for a girlfriend to be in love with can you be mine please I’m interested straight away

  5. Hellow gogious mums I’m single and i need a girlfriend that I’m going to love and be with her forever and ever 💙💖❤ here is my number 079 014 7363 add me on WhatsApp 💕💓

  6. Am not that good but what I hv is love n I won’t disappoint you, i will be there every time you need me

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